Oct 26 2009
This is a past event

Merger Guidelines Symposium

Oct 26, 2009   09:00am ET   truthonthemarket.com

In light of the DOJ/FTC announcement of workshops to explore possible revisions to the Merger Guidelines in December 2009 and January 2010, TOTM is organizing a symposium on the legal and economic issues associated with the Guidelines.  In particular, we’ve asked a panel of a dozen or so of the leading antitrust lawyers and economists to address the following questions:

1.  Do the Merger Guidelines Need Revision?

2. If yes, what is the most important revision that you would recommend and why?

The agencies have questions.  Our panel has answers.  And we hope the panelists posts will kick off discussion in the comments both between participants and our readders.

Come check out the TOTM Merger Guidelines Symposium on Monday, October 26.

We’ve arranged a great lineup which includes practitioners, law professors and economists, including a number with experience at the agencies so we should get a number of different perspectives.  If you’re interested in participating please feel free to contact me via email in the next week or so.