Aug 24 2015
This is a past event

Honoring the Honorable Joshua Wright: Commemorating Josh Wright’s Term at the FTC

Aug 24, 2015   09:00am ET   Truth on the Market Blog Symposium

Josh Wright’s term as an FTC Commissioner ended on Monday, August 24, 2015.  Truth on the Market hosted a symposium —  a collection of commentaries and contributions — honoring Josh’s tenure at the FTC.  We invited contributions from a range of luminaries, including academics, practitioners, former FTC officials, and the like.

See the TOTM symposium here

Richard Epstein, A Tribute to Joshua Wright

Jon Jacobson and Ryan Maddock, Joshua Wright’s Dissenting Statements on Merger Efficiencies

Thomas Hazlett, Thomas Hazlett on Joshua Wright’s Tenure 

Keith Hylton, Keith Hylton on Joshua Wright’s Tenure

The Honorable Ajit Pai, Ajit Pai on Joshua Wright’s Tenure

Alden Abbott, Josh Wright, Commissioner-Provocateur

Robert H. Lande, Joshua Wright: Embodying the Spirit of Bipartisanship 

Terry Calvani & Jan Rybnicek, The Legacy of Joshua Wright

The Honorable F. Scott Kieff, Commissioner Joshua Wright: Colleague, Gentleman, Scholar, Public Servant 

Dan Crane, An Economist’s Touch: Josh Wright’s FTC Legacy

Thom Lambert, Josh Wright and the Limits of Antitrust 

Tim Muris, Tim Muris on Joshua Wright’s Tenure

Berin Szoka, Josh Wright’s Unfinished Legacy: Reforming FTC Consumer Protection Enforcement

Michael Baye, Imagine

Geoff Manne, The Essence of Josh Wright’s FTC Tenure Was to Ensure that Benefits Outweigh Costs, the Rest is Commentary