Dec 16 2013
This is a past event

FTC: Technology & Reform Conference

Dec 16, 2013   12:00am ET   Federal Trade Commission

The FTC: Technology & Reform Project’s launch conference has begun! Not here in person? Check out C-SPAN’s coverage of the event (including FTC Commissioner Wright’s keynote address and our fireside chat with former Chairmen Muris and Kovacic), join the conversation on the #FTCReform hashtag, and read the Project’s inaugural report.

A collaboration between TechFreedom, the International Center for Law & Economics, and numerous experts on the FTC, this year-long project will ultimately recommend concrete reforms to ensure the FTC’s competition and consumer protection efforts make consumers better off, especially in regulating new technologies.

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  • Lunch and Keynote Address (12:00-1:00)
    • FTC Commissioner Joshua Wright
  • Introduction to the Project and the “Questions & Frameworks” Report (1:00-1:15)
    • Gus Hurwitz, Geoffrey Manne and Berin Szoka
  • Panel 1: Limits on FTC Discretion: Institutional Structure & Economics (1:15-2:30)
    • Jeffrey Eisenach (AEI | Former Economist, BE)
    • Todd Zywicki (GMU Law | Former Director, OPP)
    • Tad Lipsky (Latham & Watkins)
    • Geoffrey Manne (ICLE) (moderator)
  • Panel 2: Section 5 and the Future of the FTC (2:45-4:00)
    • Paul Rubin (Emory University Law and Economics | Former Director of Advertising Economics, BE)
    • James Cooper (GMU Law | Former Acting Director, OPP)
    • Gus Hurwitz (University of Nebraska Law)
    • Berin Szoka (TechFreedom) (moderator)
  • A Fireside Chat with Former FTC Chairmen (4:15-5:30)
    • Tim Muris (Former FTC Chairman | George Mason University)
    • Bill Kovacic (Former FTC Chairman | George Washington University)
  • Reception (5:30-6:30)