Dec 8 2022
This is a past event

Big Ideas Workshop: Evolution of the Understanding of the Theory of the Firm

Dec 8, 2022   02:00pm ET   Virtual

ICLE’s invitation-only Big Ideas Workshop series brings together early- and mid-career scholars to discuss important ideas in law & economics.

The “Theory of the Firm” is not new and is drawing in on its 85th year of existence. Yet, when Ronald Coase first posited the theory, he almost certainly did not anticipate the modern iterations of firms nor the debate the theory would engender.

The fifth installment in ICLE’s Big Ideas Workshop series will explore how the theory has evolved from past to present and the current state of the Theory of the Firm. We will explore this idea through new applications and the work of latter-day authors who have joined the debate about the theory’s understanding.

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December 8 & 9, 2022
2pm to 5pm ET