Data Security & Privacy

Identifying appropriate limits to regulation to optimize the flow of information in the Digital Age

About the Research Program

ICLE’s Data Security and Privacy Program seeks to identify an appropriate framework for regulating the flow of data and information in the digital age. As firms contemplate new uses for data and new opportunities for data exchange, it is important that regulation not create a legal environment in which valuable products are inefficiently delayed, degraded, or abandoned, while also ensuring that regulations are effective and efficient. ICLE scholars examine the uncertainty and fundamental tension that currently exist in the law between liability for privacy harms and innovation around data.


Ian Adams headshot

Ian Adams
Executive Director

Mikołaj Barczentewicz headshot

Mikołaj Barczentewicz
Senior Scholar

Daniel J. Gilman headshot

Daniel J. Gilman
Senior Scholar, Competition Policy

Gus Hurwitz headshot

Gus Hurwitz
Director of Law & Economics Programs

Geoffrey A. Manne headshot

Geoffrey A. Manne
President and Founder

Ben Sperry headshot

Ben Sperry
Senior Scholar, Innovation Policy

Kristian Stout headshot

Kristian Stout
Director of Innovation Policy