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The housing theory of everything

Works in Progress – ICLE Director of Competition Policy Sam Bowman had an essay (co-written with John Myers of the YIMBY Alliance campaign and Ben Southwood, most recently head of housing, transport, and urban space at Policy Exchange) published by Works in Progress about the pernicious effects of housing shortages. You can read the full piece here.

Try listing every problem the Western world has at the moment. Along with Covid, you might include slow growth, climate change, poor health, financial instability, economic inequality, and falling fertility. These longer-term trends contribute to a sense of malaise that many of us feel about the Western world. They may seem loosely related, but there is one big thing that makes them all worse. That thing is a shortage of housing: too few homes being built where people want to live. And if we fix those shortages, we will help to solve many of the other, seemingly unrelated problems that we face as well.