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Professor of Law
Antonin Scalia Law School

Joshua D. Wright is University Professor and the Executive Director of the Global Antitrust Institute at Scalia Law School at George Mason University. In 2013, the Senate unanimously confirmed Professor Wright as a member of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), following his nomination by President Obama.


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The Future of Individual Tax Rates: Effects on Economic Growth and Distribution,” United States Senate Committee on Finance Hearing (HT: Taxprof Blog).  Scheduled witnesses include:

  • Carol Markman (CPA, Feldman, Meinberg & Co.)
  • David Marzahl (President, Center for Economic Progress)
  • Donald Marron (Director, Tax Policy Center)
  • Douglas Holtz-Eakin (President, American Action Forum)
  • Leonard Burman (Professor, Maxwell School, Syracuse University)

Its not quite the World Cup, but also…no vuvuzelas.

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