Was Einstein an idiot?

Well, obviously, not, of course, but he sure sounds like a thoughtless hack once in a while.

In a cafeteria near my office on the Microsoft campus, there is a sign near the door.  It’s a testament to something or other that I have no recollection at all what the sign is actually about.  But it shows a sepia-tone picture of a bridge being built from both sides of some body of water.  The traverse is almost complete, except that the the two sides don’t quite line up. Oops. In big letters above the picture is a quote from Einstein.  It says, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” I’ve never read a word of Deepak Chopra, but this is about what I imagine he or others like him would sound like.  Trite. Persuasive to the relatively thoughtless.  And, well, idiotic.

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