Ovation Reconsidered: A Response to Commissioner Leary

I was very pleased to thumb through the newest version of Antitrust Magazine and see a TOTM post get some attention.  Its always nice to be cited and have folks take the time to respond to your work — or in this case, blog post.  Its even more tickling when the person doing the responding is a prominent and well respected figure such as former Federal Trade Commissioner Leary.  Commissioner Leary revisits the FTC’s enforcement action in Ovation and takes on the criticism of that enforcement action in this post.  You can see Commissioner Leary’s article here (I believe ABA registration and password required).  I’m grateful for the response and am going to take the opportunity  to argue that, despite the Commissioner’s criticisms, the troublesome implications that I pointed out in the earlier post associated with the enforcement approach in Ovation remain (see also guest blogger Mary Coleman’s related concerns).

Read the full piece here