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Keith Hylton on Ticketmaster & Taylor Swift

ICLE Academic Affiliate Keith Hylton appeared in a spot on CBS News Boston to discuss the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation of Ticketmaster in the wake of widespread problems with the sale of tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour. As Hylton told the station:

For now, says Prof. Hylton, those sky-high prices look like something the market is willing to bear. “I don’t know what the evidence is that consumers are suffering from high prices. And they certainly seem all too happy to pay enormous prices of their own volition to go to these concerts,” he says.

Just today there was evidence of the federal government’s willingness to go after big corporations as the Justice Department filed an antitrust suit against Google over its online advertising practices. But Hylton says they likely need a lot more evidence before doing the same with Live Nation/Ticketmaster.

Video of the full piece is embedded below.