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Thomas A. Lambert is the Wall Chair in Corporate Law and Governance and Professor of Law. Professor Lambert’s scholarship focuses on antitrust, corporate and regulatory matters.

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Is Antitrust/Competition Law or Industrial Organization Taught in Your Country?

My future colleague, Danny Sokol (who’ll be visiting at Missouri Law next year), is one of the authors of the fantastic Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog. Danny requested that I post the following:

I am surveying countries around the world that are not OECD members and not members of the EU to determine whether and at which universities are antitrust/competition law and/or industrial organization taught.

Please respond to this post rather than email me directly with the following information:
University (specify department- e.g., economics department or law

For example, an entry may look like the following:
Universidad Diego Portales – law school
Competition law, seminar in competition law and intellectual property

I’m not sure how many non-American antitrusters read this blog, but if you’re out there, Danny would appreciate your participation.