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Crossing the Digital Divide

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) directs the Federal Communications Commission to prevent discrimination in broadband access. In addition to preventing racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination, the law seeks to remedy income discrimination. At the same time, the IIJA orders the FCC to take account of economic and technical feasibility of preventing the proscribed discrimination. These provisions of the IIJA raise complex legal and economic questions. Should the FCC focus on discriminatory intent or disparate impacts? How can the FCC prevent income discrimination while simultaneously accounting for economic feasibility?

This webinar discussion on the topic was recorded Feb. 13, 2023 with Rob McDowell (former commissioner of the FCC), Eric Fruits (ICLE), and Jessica Melugin (CEI), and was moderated by Kristian Stout (ICLE). Due to technical difficulties with the video feed of this event, only the audio is embedded below.