Biden’s AI Executive Order Sees Dangers Around Every Virtual Corner

Here in New Jersey, where I live, the day before Halloween is commonly celebrated as “Mischief Night,” an evening of adolescent revelry and light vandalism that typically includes hurling copious quantities of eggs and toilet paper.

It is perhaps fitting, therefore, that President Joe Biden chose Oct. 30 to sign a sweeping executive order (EO) that could itself do quite a bit of mischief. And befitting the Halloween season, in proposing this broad oversight regime, the administration appears to be positively spooked by the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

The order, of course, embodies the emerging and now pervasive sense among policymakers that they should “do something” about AI; the EO goes so far as to declare that the administration feels “compelled” to act on AI. It largely directs various agencies to each determine how they should be involved in regulating AI, but some provisions go further than that. In particular, directives that set new reporting requirements—while ostensibly intended to forward the reasonable goal of transparency—could end up doing more harm than good.

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