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A New Chief Economist at the FCC

Its a Bruin.  Marius Schwartz will replace Jonathan Baker as the new Chief Economist at the FCC.  From the press release:

Schwartz’s teaching and research specialties are in industrial organization, competition and regulation. Before joining Georgetown University, Schwartz served as Economics Director of Enforcement at the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and as Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economics. He also served the President’s Council of Economic Advisers as the Senior Economist for industrial organization matters. Schwartz holds a B.Sc. degree from the London School of Economics and
a Ph.D. from UCLA, also in economics.

Casebook co-author, and previous TOTM contributor (see, e.g. here) Jonathan Baker will be heading back to American University.  However, the press release also notes that both Baker and Gregory Rosston will work on the AT&T – T-Mobile deal:

Outgoing Chief Economist Jonathan Baker and Gregory Rosston will both serve as Senior Economists for Transactions to work on the Commission’s reviews of the AT&T-T-Mobile and AT&T-Qualcomm transactions.

The Rosston appointment is interesting for those following the AT&T deal (more TOTM commentary here and here; my testimony is available here) because Rosston (with Roger Noll) has already publicly opined rather strongly on the merger.  In the short note, Rosston & Noll write that “the justifications for the acquisition do not seem particularly strong, and anticompetitive effects appear to be plausible,” and that “Superficially, the proposed acquisition appears to run seriously afoul of the merger policy of the antitrust enforcement agencies.”

Congratulations to Professor Schwartz, and to outgoing Chief Economist Baker.

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