Focus Areas:    Antitrust

ICLE’s Geoffrey Manne Speaks to Capitol Forum on the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger


Thanks to everyone for joining Part 4 of the Capitol Forum’s Conference Call series on the Comcast-Time Warner cable merger. I’m Jonathan Rubin, Capitol Forum Senior Correspondent. And with me today is Geoffrey A. Manne. Dr. Manne is the author of the recent pro-merger paper “Beneficence is Beside the Point: The Antitrust Realities of the Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger”. Dr. Manne will discuss why he believes the merger will not give rise to anti-competitive harm under modern theories of antitrust enforcement.

Today’s call is the fourth in our series on the Comcast-Time Warner cable deal. Transcripts and an audio file of our earlier calls are available by emailing Before we get started, a few things to note. I’ll spend the first thirty minutes or so interviewing Dr. Manne. Then we’ll turn it over to the audience for questions.

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