OP-ED: Expect the U.S. to Address Azeri-Armenian Conflict After the Election

The National Interest – Communications Associate Anastasiia Rusanova had an op-ed on the conflict in the Caucasus published in The National Interest. Read it here.

A heartbreaking tragedy is unfolding in the Caucasus. On September 27, a decades-long semi-frozen conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan came roaring back to life. A land dispute over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven other Azerbaijani districts—which has sparked occasional clashes along the Azeri-Armenian border over the years—suddenly escalated into heavy fighting with numerous civilian casualties. Without major powers mediating the conflict, there is a high risk it will erupt into a full-blown war with the potential to draw in outside nations. Both Moscow and Washington have tried to work out a ceasefire in the fight but to no avail.