What the FAA-FCC Fight Can Teach Us About Our Approach to Risk

Rail Reciprocal-Switching Mandates

Since taking office, the Biden administration has moved aggressively to use enforcement actions and rulemakings—many of them outlined in the administration’s July 2021 executive order—ostensibly as a means to promote market competition.


Open Letter by Public Interest Organizations in Favor of Direct EV Sales and Service

The signatories of this letter represent a broad range of public interest organizations who urge that any state laws still prohibiting car companies from selling their cars directly to consumers, or opening service centers for those vehicles, be amended to permit direct sales and service of EVs

Written Testimonies & Filings

Open Letter by Academics in Favor of Direct EV Sales and Service

The signatories of this letter, active or emeritus professors employed at public or private universities in the United States, come from across the political spectrum, and have a wide variety of views on regulation, environmental and consumer protection, and free enterprise as a general matter, but find common ground on the important issue of automotive direct sales.

Written Testimonies & Filings

Comments, California DMC Autonomous Vehicle Rules, California DMV

"On behalf of the R Street Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, TechFreedom, and the International Center for Law & Economics, we respectfully submit these comments in response to the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ proposed Driverless Testing and Deployment Regulations released on March 10, 2017..."

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