European Commission Objection to App Store Rules Lack Empirical Support

Ajit Pai Brought the FCC’s Media Ownership Rules into the Modern Age

Pai’s tenure at the FCC was marked by an abiding appreciation for the importance of competition, both as a guiding principle for new regulations and as a touchstone to determine when to challenge existing ones. Perhaps his greatest contribution to bringing competition to the forefront of the FCC’s mandate came in his work on media modernization.


Parler’s demise is not an antitrust problem

It has been a brutal few days for Parler, the now-infamous Twitter alternative favored by President Donald Trump’s most die-hard supporters. Both Google and Apple removed the app from their . . .

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Facebook and the Pros and Cons of Ex Post Merger Reviews

The Federal Trade Commission and 46 state attorneys general (along with the District of Columbia and the Territory of Guam) filed their long-awaited complaints against Facebook Dec. 9. The . . .