Statement of the International Center for Law & Economics In support of IIPA Request for Review of the Intellectual Property Rights Practices of South Africa in the 2019 GSP Review, 84 Fed. Reg. 11150 (March 25, 2019)

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A Regulatory Failure of Imagination

The music licensing market is stuck in a paradigm from the early twentieth century thanks to the DOJ's PRO consent decrees. Its time to terminate the decrees and let the markets discover better solution for music licensing.


Stan Liebowitz on Piracy and Music Sales

Stan Liebowitz (UT-Dallas) offers a characteristically thoughtful and provocative op-ed in the WSJ today commenting on SOPA and the Protect IP Act.  Here’s an excerpt: . . .

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Lollapalooza and Antitrust

Apparently, the Illinois Attorney General is investigating Lollapalooza for potential antitrust violations arising out of exclusivity clauses that the concert promoter includes in the contracts . . .


Will the FTC Sue Apple?

I don’t know.  But apparently, industry analysts preliminarily think not.   I tend to disagree.  At least, I think its far too early to be . . .


Art and Politics

When I first met my father in law, he spent hours trying to convince me of the cultural superiority of his tastes. Some of these . . .