Biweekly FTC Roundup: Throwing Stones in Glass Containers Edition

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Gus Hurwitz on Gonzalez v Google

ICLE Director of Law & Economics Programs Gus Hurwitz was a guest on The Cyberlaw Podcast to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s Gonzalez v. Google LLC . . .

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Brian Albrecht on Economic Theory

ICLE Chief Economist Brian Albrecht was a guest on The Hub Dialogues podcast to discuss the utility of economic theory, reasons to be skeptical about . . .

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Why I’m a Skeptic of a Noncompete Ban

Under a recently proposed rule, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would ban the use of noncompete terms in employment agreements nationwide. Noncompetes are contracts that workers . . .


Gus Hurwitz on Noncompetes and the FAA’s System Outage

ICLE Director of Law & Economics Programs Gus Hurwitz joined Steptoe & Johnson LLP’s The Cyberlaw Podcast, offering two explanations for the Federal Aviation Administration recent . . .

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