How Not to Use Industrial Policy to Promote Europe’s Digital Sovereignty

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The Rise of Neo-Brandeisian Competition Policy and the Threat to Evidence-Based Regulation: (FTC Hearings, ICLE Comment 1)

FTC Hearings on Competition & Consumer Protection in the 21st Century. Comments of the International Center for Law & Economics: The Rise of Neo-Brandeisian Competition Policy: Populism and Political Power and the Threat to Economically Grounded, Evidence-Based. Competition Law and Consumer Protection Regulation. Submitted August 20, 2018.

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Joe Sims on First Principles of Section 5 Authority

The FTC Act, in addition to being an early manifestation of the “can we help” school of antitrust, was a reaction to the perceptions of some that the Sherman Act, two decades old at the time, had not been enforced aggressively enough.

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A Tale of Two Subsidies

Last week’s business news highlighted two tremendous subsidy programs. In one case, the company received no direct payment for product development. None of its suppliers . . .

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